These calendars are prepared with our new Canon C700 laser printer, which guarantees excellent quality prints. We are able to prepare laser printed calendars in either Finnish, Swedish, English or German. Name days are included in the Finnish calendars. The calendars are printed onto special 120g thick paper. Whether you want your calendars printed onto photography paper, please click Here to learn more about the product. NOTE! We prepare the calendars automatically in Finnish, unless mentioned otherwise. 

12 paged wall calendar (120g paper)

Kalenteri tammikuu2016

A4 25€/pc
A3 30€/pc


Company and association calendars (min 50 pcs)

6 pages (double sided) + possible cover sheet (120g paper)

A4 6.50€/pc
A3 10€/pc


One paged calendar

A3 1.50€/pc

Harmaakuvio pohja            Ruskeapuukuvio pohja         Valkoinen pohja

Above we can see some examples of the one paged calendar. Instead of the mugs and Kuvatehdas logo, we can change and add whatever the customer wants. We are able to prepare this calendar on slightly thicker paper as well.

If needed, we can help with the designing of the company or association calendars. We can add logos, pictures and highlight important dates. Price includes an example piece. If needed, we can make an A3 sized marketing sign for free.

Postitus Suomeen veloituksetta yli 10€ tilauksissa